For the Fincantieri shipyards of Muggiano in La Spezia the request made at Quantum was to guarantee longevity and performance for the lighting of outdoor spaces.

Starting from the car park at the entrance to the various parking areas, all the external surfaces have been illuminated according to the customer’s requests, facilitating the various activities that take place in the yards and internal streets, safely and with a uniformity of illuminance brought to the extreme.

Very large surfaces, characteristics of the shipyards, height of the important sheds, define the characteristics of this LED lighting redevelopment project.

In order to guarantee the lighting requirements required by the client, 200 lighting points have been installed to replace the previous, now obsolete system that complies with the stringent regulations on light pollution.

As always, the “energy efficiency” component was also fully satisfied. Thanks to the careful design and selection of the LED luminaires, 77% energy savings were achieved.