CREE is a market leader in the production of LED lighting solutions based on LED silicon designed and produced by the same manufacturer. Quantum Internet connected energy saving platform is a certified solution with CREE luminaries sporting a stunning 10 years warranty. Quantum is a CREE preferred partner in Italy.


Its mission “To innovate, save and protect the environment to ensure a better future” is focused on addressing first-rate environmental issues such as climate change.
As a supplier of energy-saving solutions, having central skills in power electronics and automation, Delta’s business categories include Power Electronics, Automation and Infrastructures.
Delta offers comprehensive LED products and system integration services to meet its customers lighting requirements. Our LED products include drivers, industrial luminaires and smart street light solutions.


In 1998 the D-POWER division was founded, active in the road safety sector and a pioneer in the development of systems LED light signaling system, currently the European reference in the sector thanks to continuous product innovations, patented lenses, approved flashing lights and a complete range of renowned quality.
In 2008 we extend the road safety mission with the DLEDS division, active in the lighting of tunnels, roads and shelters.
Over the years, development continues, introducing a complete range of products for industrial, urban and designed lighting to meet specific technical-functional needs of light.


GIS Cloud is the first web-based geographic information system that can also be installed on-premises behind a firewall.

The power of the Cloud in GIS is to transform the workflow of anyone working with spatial data and maps, allowing them to
collaborate in real time. It enables easy and efficient data visualisation, management and analysis, while also allowing web and mobile applications to be built on top of one of the fastest vector map engine technologies available today.


An in-house research and development centre and design department combined with its unmatched technical knowledge allow OMS to continuously define new trends in lighting.The company’s end-to-end approach; from idea to implementation and service, its wide network of partners and flexibility give OMS the unparalleled opportunity to realize virtually any lighting vision.OMS Lighting has risen to become the largest manufacturer of industrial and domestic luminaires in central and Eastern Europe. Founded over 20 years ago, we have established ourselves as a marketleading manufacturer of luminaires through our portfolio of brands – OMS and Unolux.Our goal has always been to offer our customers a first-class product backed by unparalleled service, focused on solving our clients’ illumination challenges.


Regent Lighting is a leading company with innovation at the heart of their lighting Led products. Headquartered in Basel (Switzerland) with a workforce of over 600 people has offices in 7 countries and through the network of preferred partners serves more than 30 different countries. Innovation meets innovation when Regent and Quantum deliver together Internet connected lighting for indoor applications. Quantum is Regent preferred partner in Italy