Quantum carries out turnkey interventions on lighting systems, obtaining energy savings of over 70% and a 95% reduction in maintenance costs without requiring changes to the existing electrical system.

We equip each luminaire with its own intelligence with our own technologies, we connect it to the network, we control it via the Internet, we collect its energy consumption and its operating status. We are a unique interlocutor, which stands out for the use of innovative technologies and that takes care of all aspects of the implementation of the solutions including the practices for obtaining the TEE and the financing of the projects.

To transform your lighting system into a savings generator, we replace the lighting bodies in use with new digital LEDs connected to the Internet. Our turnkey project is carried out without introducing changes to the wiring of the existing electrical system.

The use of LED fixtures equipped with Quantum’s innovative QLIght ™ (Internet Connected Lighting) remote management solution for energy efficiency guarantees ambitious savings without sacrificing the levels of average illumination, glare and color rendering required by law  to dynamically and independently adjust the intensity of the luminous fluxes of each lighting body according to the contribution of natural light and the actual activities in progress in the various areas of relevance, they ensure the achievement of high levels of energy efficiency and the improvement of the quality of the service