Arkema Group is world leader in the specialty chemicals sector and is present in Italy with seven industrial complexes.

Arkema has always adopted a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the environment and the welfare of its employees at the center. In 2013 the management has decided to set four new targets to be achieved by 2020 translating into objective numbers the determination of the multinational group to reduce its environmental impact and improve its business performance.

The energy targets set for 2020, with the results of 2012 as a baseline of comparison are: the reduction of its CO2 emissions by 30% and the reduction of the purchase of electricity by 1.5%.

In 2013 Quantum will carry out a study for the Rho (Milan) plant to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption for production activities covering an area of 220,000 square meters with the aim of achieving an energy saving of 2.6 Gigawatt/hour per year.

In December 2013 the pilot project is activated in the sulphites warehouse: an extremely critical area for operating climatic conditions, characterized by a suspension of very fine dust of fertilizers used in agriculture that are particularly aggressive from the point of view of metal corrosion. The software application “Warehouse Internet of Things” governs the light intensity of the lighting points, monitors their consumption and the operating status of the luminaires, which are also used for emergency lighting in case of need and must therefore always be in excellent operating conditions in order to operate in dangerous situations.

After a year of testing and verification, in January 2016, Quantum’s lighting system with Cree’s luminaires passed the French multinational’s stringent controls brilliantly and our energy-efficient LED intelligent lighting technologies and solutions were chosen for the relamping of the entire plant, which will be completed by mid-2018.

By the summer of 2018 we will activate the lighting of the finished product warehouses, the internal street and the two tower lights dedicated to the lighting of the employees’ car parks, starting the path wanted by the top management towards the reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions.