Assimoco is a traditional insurance group representing the Italian Co-operative Movement and is divided into Assimoco S.p.A. which has been operating in the non-life sector since 1978 and Assimoco Vita S.p.A. which has been operating in the life sector since 1988.

The Assimoco Group’s offer is aimed at the protection of the person, families, home, means of transport and small-medium enterprises. The Assimoco Group’s insurance products are distributed throughout the country thanks to the collaboration of over 300 Cooperative Credit Banks, Rural and Artisan Banks and Raiffeisen Banks. In addition, the Assimoco Group can count on a network of approximately 100 traditional and cooperative agencies located throughout the country.

Assimoco first relied on Quantum in 2019 to receive an energy diagnosis, from which a collaboration story was born that continues to this day. In fact, after the audit was carried out, Quantum provided the data collection system, which retrieves consumption and quality data from the internal distribution network and provides data that can be visualised via graphs. In addition, Quantum followed all the consultancy work on behalf of Assimoco, until becoming the Group’s official Energy Manager in 2021.