If you have HID or fluorescent lamps it’s time to upgrade, you’re missing out on the benefits of LED lighting.

Quantum has recently taken over the replacement of LED lamps on several medium sized installations, around 200 pt of light each, dedicated to illuminating an extremely dynamic space, where processing cycles change rapidly according to market needs, a single space but divided according to operations.

By equipping each individual light point with presence sensors able to read the amount of light, spaces characterised by great dynamism have been adequately lit, without incurring unnecessary over-illumination or lack of light where necessary.

We have also acted on complex combinations, which take into account the position of the lighting point, its task is to detect the environment in which it is installed, the results have been adapted to the real needs and concrete expectations of the customer.

For example, the improvement of the energy performance of Sinvest Srl (Storti Group) was guaranteed through a strategy aimed at

– reducing the installed power for each individual light point

– a significant improvement in overall lighting conditions

– estimating the economic and energy savings achievable in the next 5 years compared to the current situation

– reducing the environmental impact of the activity carried out with the same service provided

– obtaining White Certificates and related Energy Efficiency Credits.

After monitoring the performance of the new system for 12 months and comparing its previous consumption with the baseline, we have calculated a saving of around 85%, an apparently impossible result, but one backed up by the figures.

The result? Lower energy bills from the first month and access to Energy Efficiency Credits after one year of operation.

Thanks to our reporting system the data is updated every 15 minutes providing the detail needed to monitor, evaluate, decide and act.

If you have any questions about how we can increase your company’s efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us today!