Quantum performs turnkey interventions on lighting systems achieving energy savings of more than 70% and a 95% reduction in maintenance costs without requiring modifications to the existing electrical system.

We transform your lighting system into a generator of savings by replacing existing luminaires with new digital LEDs connected to the Internet.

We design, develop and implement a turnkey solution through a dedicated lighting design, identification of the best technological solution, remote surveillance and automated monitoring of LED luminaries.

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  • Industrial, office and retail environment: Quantum provides the expertise, quality and speed of project management to maximise energy and profit savings for distribution centres, production facilities, warehouses and showroom.
  • Street lighting: For the public sector, Quantum offers lighting solutions for squares, town centres, green areas, pedestrian zones, urban and suburban roads, providing technological systems that combine energy efficiency requirements with people’s well-being and safety.

The lighting we design, in addition to guaranteeing the functional aspects related to the performance of the luminaires, adapts to the environmental conditions, adjusting the use and characteristics of light according to the context.

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