The Palermo shipyard is one of the oldest and certainly one of the most important in Italy. It originated in 1897 and was founded by the Sicilian entrepreneur Ignazio Florio, thanks to whom the dock immediately began its flourishing business of building large ships and maintaining ships already in service: in 1925 the royal ship Savoia was even fitted out there.

In 1973, the Palermo Shipyard became part of the Fincantieri Company, through which it became an integral part of the new structure and dedicated to various types of transport ships, off-shore platforms, ship conversions and repairs, activities that it still carries out today. Many prestigious ships have been built here, including the Duca d’Aosta, the Principe Umberto, the Europa and dozens of merchant ships for the Ferries and Grimaldi companies.

We at Quantum are very proud to work with the reality of Fincantieri: for the Palermo plant, we were responsible for the redevelopment of the lighting system of two production spaces, for which we developed an ad hoc LED project, tailored to the real needs of the client.

In both workshops, all lighting fixtures present at the state-of-the-art were projectors characterised by mixed halide and metal halide sources. In order to meet the lighting requirements, 277 LED lighting points were installed, replacing the previous 429 outdated ones.

All work was carried out in compliance with the UNI EN 12464-2021 standard.

The energy efficiency component, of course, was also more than satisfied: thanks to the Quantum intervention, Fincantieri achieved 67% energy savings.