The GSE has created a webapp, ‘L’Impronta dei Fuoriclasse’, for primary and secondary school students, with the aim of raising awareness of sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviour among young people.

Through games and quizzes, the children will assimilate the message that each one of us can reduce his environmental footprint and help to make better use of energy, water, separate waste collection and move in harmony with the Planet.

Four guardians of the Planet will accompany the children on their sustainable journey: Drop, Electra, Speed and Eco. The 4 powers of sustainability (water, energy, mobility, recycling) can help us reduce our environmental footprint. The game consists of 4 tests with the addition of a final test, the carbon footprint calculation, which helps to know and measure how much carbon dioxide we can save by adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

There is always talk of the importance of educating the new generations in the intelligent use of environmental resources, raising awareness of energy saving, sustainability, energy efficiency and recycling. This GSE initiative aims to do just that: to educate the new generations, so that they take responsible care of the environment in which they live.