Wind energy production in Britain is reaching new records: wind farms across the UK are producing more electricity than the grid can cope with, forcing the closure of some turbines in Scotland.

Britain, in fact, has been betting heavily on renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions and now wind power is peaking at more than half of the country’s electricity needs.

It should be noted, however, that when the winds are very strong, they can even become counterproductive, since if the wind is too fast, it can subject the blades to severe stress and cause long-term damage to the turbines. In very adverse weather conditions, therefore, wind farm operators may decide to switch off their turbines to protect their equipment. Climate experts warn that the UK’s electricity system must get better at withstanding extreme weather conditions.

As the UK continues to increase the capacity of wind farms to reduce its reliance on heavily polluting fuels such as coal and gas, records will begin to become an increasingly common occurrence. In Britain’s wake, European countries are also trying to decrease their dependence on Russian energy.

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