From January to December 2021, monthly prices rose by almost 500 per cent for natural gas and 400 per cent for electricity. A number of concomitant circumstances are causing the price rise, including the imbalance between supply and demand in the natural gas market and increased demand worldwide following the post-pandemic recovery, as well as tensions between NATO and Russia, on which much of the natural gas supply depends.
In this context, it is essential to address the issue of energy efficiency in a structural and lasting way, as an effective tool to mitigate high energy bills, so, before wondering how energy should be produced, it is appropriate to try to reduce its consumption following the principle “Energy Efficiency First“.
Energy efficiency allows you to:
– reduce consumption and costs over time
– respond to high energy bills, TODAY AND FOREVER
– achieve lasting benefits on business competitiveness thanks to the non-energy-related effects of rational energy use,
– encourage the ecological and sustainable transition of businesses.
It should be stressed that this is the most propitious time for companies to invest in energy efficiency, thanks to the possibility of taking advantage of a series of support tools aimed at promoting interventions in this area: white certificates, transition 4.0, thermal account, Ecobonus, PNRR, as well as regional and local initiatives.