Quantum proposes a solution that enables the planning and monitoring of infrastructure installation teams in the territory thanks to interactive maps.

The system locates interventions via satellite in real time and is able to collect related statistical data.

We store the data, process it and represent it.

Our aim is to significantly reduce time and costs, plan and manage activities in the field, digitise processes, mitigate risks, and represent the progress of work in real time in sync with the various operators.

How it works

We create customised software environments, supported by applications capable of supporting the entire project cycle and field operations “turnkey“, all without disrupting the existing IT infrastructure thanks to the strong interoperability with CAD technology and thanks to the compatibility with the main standards, both vectorial and tabular.

Field operators collect and report data, using dedicated applications.

Engineers and managers create maps and plans, manage data and operators, using web applications capable of handling data in real time.

Key decision makers are always accurately informed about the progress of the work.

End customers consult maps directly from the web.

Collect data across the territory.

Easily collect, inspect and update data from the field using your smart phone.

Create and model customised sheets focused on field-specific datasets, collect points, lines and polygons and access online and offline maps.

Create, share and publish maps.

Upload vector and raster data or publish directly from your desktop.

Create, style and edit maps, share projects and invite colleagues to join you.

Make data driven decision.

Get information based on real-time data, access private maps shared with you and keep an eye on your projects anywhere online or offline.


-Analysis and needs assessment;

-Data creation, manipulation and implementation;

-Data modelling in a GIS environment;

-Data visualisation;

-Data analysis and reporting;

-Data collection, input and conversion;

– Digital mapping;

– Database design;

– Development of dedicated applications.

Lighting project mapping

More than one million lighting points surveyed and installed so far, more than 500 users activated, released and managed, more than 100K views per semester are the average size of the projects we work on.

Light is our strength, Quantum plans and manages data collection activities closely related to relamping, installation and replacement projects, measurement and maintenance of the installed base.

  • It determines the current state of the infrastructure
  • Installs new luminaires and displays them in real time
  • Organises periodic measurement campaigns
  • Organise lamp maintenance and monitor it in real time
  • Interact with your maps and improve your performance

This system has been successfully used in Italy and abroad for the planning and installation of 750,000 lighting points (Smart City), coordinating the activities of 50 active groups from Milan.