Light-as-a-Service (LaaS) is a new business model that is radically changing the commercial approach and the way many companies in the lighting sector present themselves.

This model foresees that it is not the single product (the luminaire) that is sold, but a service (the lighting of a room), with a view to optimising consumption and energy efficiency, the service is tailored to the customer’s needs.

The all-inclusive service includes the installation of an LED and IoT-based smart lighting system, its servicing and maintenance.

LaaS bases its financial strength on operational leasing: this solution makes LED lighting affordable for everyone as it does not require any high upfront investment and, on the contrary, makes it an overall more convenient option:

– the new bill cost together with the service fee is lower than the sum of the operating costs of the installation.

This brings enormous advantages to those who act as facility managers or energy managers in companies and must therefore constantly think about how to optimise costs and reduce waste with a view to energy efficiency.

We at Quantum lighting specialists promote these initiatives, supported and monitored by our trusted partners, thanks to our many years of experience and professionalism.