Italy is a nation that imports much of the energy it needs, which makes prices often high. This factor, coupled with the geopolitical events of 2022 and the consequent rise in prices, has had a significant impact on Italian companies.

The year 2022 saw a renewed interest of companies in energy efficiency solutions. Rising energy prices, in fact, have helped to significantly reduce the payback time of these solutions, making them much cheaper than in the past.

To promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector, the government has introduced and renewed a series of fiscal and financial incentives that will materialise in the coming months. Added to these incentive schemes is the traditional White Certificates mechanism. In addition, 5 December of this year is the deadline for the mandatory energy diagnosis to be carried out every four years, pursuant to the legislative decree of 4 July 2014, for most large and energy-intensive companies.

It emerges, therefore, that the only strategy available to companies to minimise operational risk and compete in the long term is to act jointly on the supply of energy, by searching for clean solutions for its production, and on minimising energy consumption, both by increasing the level of efficiency of processes and plants, and through a conscious use of energy.