An efficient lighting solution for logistics must combine excellent lighting quality with low operating costs.

The big players in this world are moving in this direction, making their spaces as efficient as possible, light is the protagonist.

Dynamic spaces that follow the ever-changing lighting objectives, promiscuous movement between vehicles and people, workbenches, medium and long term warehouses, organization of spaces in continuous evolution that meet the needs of the market without ever stopping.
The management of light at the service of these spaces is increasingly “data centric”.
Quantum solutions can be networked through the proprietary management system, the lighting systems have the ability to modulate the intensity of the light, following the work flows, calibrating them with respect to the contribution of daylight and the presence of people, monitoring the light points, generating alerts and managing maintenance tickets, including sensors and historical consumption.
The result of all this is a personalised lighting solution capable of projecting the new lighting system into the future.

The potential of an intelligent lighting network goes far beyond the pure lighting function.
Thanks to open, standardised interfaces, different types of communication protocols can be integrated into the lighting system, capable of collecting capillary and diffuse information in the field.
In logistics, for example, location-based services such as asset tracking or heat mapping can be implemented.
This turns the light point into a data point and the lighting system into a driver for digitisation.

Trasporti Pesanti S.r.l. a leading Italian company in the field of exceptional transport of steel products has involved us in an energy efficiency intervention on the lighting system in its plant in Piadena (CR).
Quantum proposed and identified an intervention aimed at redesigning the lighting engineering approach by installing lamps with LED technology and flow regulation.

The intervention involved the replacement of the existing lighting system with a new one composed exclusively of lamps with LED technology redefining the lighting of the factory with the possibility of dimming the luminous flux.

The system is complete with a plug and play management system, which allows the regulation of the luminous flux and the constant control of the consumption and the switching hours of each lamp.
The annual savings foreseen by the intervention will be about 80%, considering an average level of “dimming”, over a quantity of 4000 hours per year for the lights in all internal departments.