The run-up in gas prices, which have reached record levels throughout Europe, has contributed to generating a structural crisis in the electricity market as well, where distortions are having a significant impact on the budgets of households and businesses.

In view of the urgent need for national measures, both to contain the economic consequences and to avert the risk of rationing, the Council of Ministers approved, at the proposal of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Minister Franco, the report to Parliament updating the public finance planning objectives on the basis of higher revenues of EUR 6.2 billion.


The productive world, drastically bent by high utility bills and the generalised increase in the cost of raw materials, should be at the centre of the measure: there is talk of the possibility of acting on the tax credit (extended until the end of the year) for energy and gas-guzzling companies.

The number one objective is to avert the risk of a real production shutdown. For now, the government’s technicians are focused on assessing how best to direct the available funds. In this scenario, the use of a consumption control system is a winner. The Quantum control system helps to identify and compensate for energy wastage, providing additional savings and reducing lamp wattage according to the contribution of natural lighting.